Student questionnaires in cross-border higher education institutions

1. What kind of education did you take part in?BA/BSc MA/MSc University degree (5 year long)

In which higher education institution are you pursuing your studies?
2. What is your gender?Male Female
3. How old are you: years old
4. What is your country of residence?
5. Have you heard about the Campus Sport Festival (also known as Campus Olimpia) taking place in Debrecen, Hungary?Yes No
6. If yes, where did you hear about the event?
higher education instution
7. Have you ever participated in Campus Olimpia earlier? (If no, continue from question 12)
Yes No
8. If yes, how many times?
9. If yes, what kind of game were you involved in?
beach volleyball
10. How do you assess the Campus Olympics / Sports Festival initiative? (1 to 7 scale)

11. Would you be interested in participating in Campus Sport Festival?
yes no
12. Did you know that the organizers of Campus Sport Festival support the accommodation for participants who are not student of the University of Debrecen or not inhabitant of Debrecen? yes no
13. Would you take advantage of the support provided by the organizers of the Campus Sport Festival? no
yes for accommodation
yes for travel
yes both of them
14. Did you know that participants who are not the student of the University of Debrecen and not inhabitants of Debrecen get a weekly pass to the Campus Festival?yes no
15. How often do you take part in Sport Festivals?
16. Sport Festival to you: (more answers possible)
1=Not like me at all
7=Totally me
An opportunity to meet with others
Entertainment facilities
opportunity to have fun
opportunity to relax
learning opportunity
opportunity for personal fulfilment
opportunity for prize
opportunity to do sports

17. What do you willingly do in your free time? (maximum 3 answers)



18. How often did you do sport in the last months?
19. How many hours do you spend on doing sport in avarage in the given periods?
Regular school time
Winter exam period
Summer exam period
Summer holiday
20. If you do sports in your free time, which ones do you practise willingly?
1=I don’t particularly like it
7=favourite sport
21. If you don't train in your free time, why not?
1=Not at all true for me
7=Entirely true for me
lack of time
lack of motivation
lack of money
health status
Sporting Goods and lack of space (running track, gym, etc.)
22. How important are the following facts in your life?
1=Not important at all
7=Most important
Social status
23. To what extent do you agree with the following statements?
1=I don’t agree with that at all
7=I definitely agree
Sport is important for me in the first place because I live a healthy life
I like doing sports rather alone than with others
Thanks to sport activity long term relations can be born
Sport is an internation forum, where it is easy to connect in spite of language difficulties
During my university studies, I managed to paticipate in satisfactory number of sport events.
I would gladly take part in sport events between universities.
24. How much would you spend on a 1,5 hour long sport opportunity twice a week? (maximum) Ft (310Ft = 1EUR)
25. How much would you spend on a 1,5 hour long sport opportunity twice a week? (maximum) km
26. How do the following facts influence you, when you decide on participating in a sport festival/event?
1=Not important at all
7=Most important
optional sports
Closeness to my residence
whether there are accompanying programs besides sport
natural beauty of the scene
quality of the accomodation
Does environmental protection appear in the festival?
Is there drug-prevention in the festival
registration fee
The interests of the group mates and friends
27. The following statements reflect different opinions about sports. Please choose the value of the scale, that expresse to what extent do you agree with the statement!
1=I don’t agree with that at all
7=I definitely agree
During sport activity I forget my problems and I get relaxed
I choose sport on the basis where the fat loss and body shaping are the most effective
I frequently get new friend during sport activities and it is important for me.
I am willing to pay only the smallest amount of money for sports.
I carry on doing different sports only if there are activities outside the gym (team-building)
I only do sports, where I can compete.
I don’t care whether I am successful in a sport or not.
It is important for me that the sport contribute to my health
It is important to develop during trainings.
It is important for me to be committed to the given sport
It is important not to have extra time or energy expenses to do sports (e.g.: getting to the gym)
It is important to have a convenient atmosphere and good accompany during the trainings
I consider relevant to improve my intellectual performance too during trainings
My own performance is important during the trainings.
My attitude is the most important doing sports
I like trying as much new sports trying as possible

28. The following statements were said about different sports. Please choose the sports that fit for statement according to your opinion! You can mark more sport in one line, but it can also happen that the statement does not fit anywhere.

AerobicTable tennisRunningBasketballFootballVolley ballChessSwimmingWater polo
My friends recommend it
I would also go alone to the trainings
I would go only with my friends with the training
It can be done in whole year
It has unique opportunities
Provides monotonous training opportunities
It is mainly for young people
It is mostly for middle-aged people
It is important in order to maintain my health
Provides recreation
Rather a manly sport
Rather a feminime sport
I already tried it
I haven’t tried it yet, but I would
Expensive sport
I found this sport very interesting
It does not need particular equipment, preparation
I don’t particularly find it attractive
An opportunity to body shaping
Provides various training opportunities

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